Monday, January 19, 2009

Its not just toys!! Save handmade

The CPSIA does not just affect toys--it regulates all products for children under 12.Kids Clothing, school supplies, cloth diapers, car seats, boy scout patches, bicycles, sippy cups--everything.
Other items include
hair bows
kids cds
kids books
baby and kids blanket
anything to do with baby (baby slings ,hats,clothes,bids etc)
any toys(felt food,wooden toys etc)
Help keep toymaker's and crafter's in business.This will effect all of us

Check out this site for more info:


Natasha Designs said...

Love your blog! Nice shop also!

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Hear, Hear! Drop by my blog today for a visit, won't you? Kathy

Auroras_Garden said...

yeah this issue gets me fired up big time. I heard that Obama is putting a halt to all legislation put thru at the end of the Bush administration or he will review each piece and go from there...this law is among those that will be halted. This is what I hear today. Seems like every day there is new stuff about this law coming out. From what I know they HAVE deemed natural products OK like cotton and wool and know stuff from the earth or whatever. So that helps.
I get mad about this a lot cause it may mean I cant buy handmade for my sweet baby. I dont buy her commercial toys, I buy her handmade...well except for that Yo Gabba Gabba guy but he is the ONLY exception LOL

MaryMarsh said...

True, this is something that affects so many people, myself included. Not sure what will happen with my business as I am a maker of little girl hair accessories. Hopefully, something will be done that will save handmade!

I've tagged you for a meme game I hope you'll come by my blog and check it out.

Have a great weekend! ~MaryMarsh

Kavali8 said...

My mom makes sock monkeys! And it's really sad she may not be able to make them any more.