Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Feature on Ella Minnow Pea Boutique

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today's Blog feature is on Ella Minnow Pea Boutique.
She makes adorable items for your little one. Read below how her business got started. Make sure you check out her shop to see all of her adorable items.

1)How did you first hear about Etsy?:
When I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2007 I was browsing the internet looking for designer diaper bags. That's when I came across Etsy and all it's amazing items! I was blown away by how many gorgeous and unique pieces I found. Living in a time where everything looks the same and is made in a factory, it really made me happy that I could shop on a site and buy something that is uniquely mine. Everything that I have bought on Etsy is wonderful and very well made.

2)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!:
My name is Angela and I've been a stay-at-home Mom since 2008. I am married to my very dear friend and soul mate Dakota. He is a wonderful Father and a fantastically super hottie Husband ;) God really and truly blessed me when he brought Dakota into my life. He inspires me to go out and try new things and he totally supports me and my new business. I don't think I would've opened up Ella Minnow Pea Boutique without his support. My children inspire all of my items. Everything that I make in my shop is something that I use with my own children. By being an actual user of my products, it helps me figure out little changes that might make them better. I totally 100% believe in what I sell at Ella Minnow Pea Boutique and that passion I feel reflects in my product description as well as when I talk to people about what I sell. I always felt that if you truly believe and love what you sell, others will too and want to buy.

3)How did you get started as a designer?
I've always loved to sew and when I made a couple items for my children, people took notice. The child care lady at my local gym was blown away by the diaper clutch I made my daughter. She said that it look like I bought it at a high end baby boutique and she said I should start selling them. My husband always encourages me to try new things and not worry about failure. So I went online and opened up my shop. At the time I was teaching my daughter her ABC's and her favorite part was LMNOP so that's where the name came from. I also found out later that it's the name of a book, lol! Go figure!

4)What inspires you to create?:
My children, my hubby, my friends, and strangely enough fabric. Sometimes when I'm in the fabric store browsing each design I just let me imagination take the best of me and let the fabric tell me what it wants to be. Yup, I'm that crazy fabric lady. At least I'm not frolicking through the isles...yet.

5)How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?:
Facebook, business cards, Etsy groups,, bumper sticker, word-of-mouth, friends, etc. The biggest one is actually using what I make. If I'm going to the pool, I bring along a hooded towel for each my kids. When my daughter goes to preschool, I pack her lunch in a designer diaper clutch (it works as a fabulously adorable lunch bag too!). For birthdays or holidays I make the kids items from my shop.

6)Any advice you would give to aspiring designers?:
Just do it, seriously. If you are thinking about doing something, do it! What's the worst that could happen? Each day is a possible sale :)

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