Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feature blog on Juliafinucane

1. I first learned about this wonderful handmade only site from a friend, Kelly O'Connell, who I went to art school with. She showed me jewelry from another student who was in our class. I was amazed and intrigued to join and a year later I did.

2. My full name is Julia Finucane. I am originally from Buffalo, NY but I now live in NYC. I have a BS in Fine Arts and Art Education and a MS in Computer Design and Fine Arts/Design. I mostly use the medium of acrylic to paint my pieces of art. I am interested in Lowbrow art and art that is not the norm.

3. I have been creating art my whole life, but I didn't start painting until high school in my studio in art class. I continued taking art classes, including photography, watercolors, and oil painting. This is when I knew I wanted to be an artist.

4. My family and friends are always a huge inspiration. I get my ideas and themes from them and different events that happen in my life.

5. I am still learning how to promote my Etsy shop. I link my shop to my Web site and blogs. I also write in the forums and try to do as many treasuries that I can get. Getting your Etsy shop noticed is vary hard and slow at first. I am still learning and trying to figure out how to do this.

6. I am still an emerging artist who is trying to get out in the art world. I would tell every artist to never give up and keep pursueing their dream.

Please check out her websites:0)
shop: www.juliafinucane.etsy.com
website: www.juliafinucane.webs.com
blog: www.juliafinucane.blogspot.com


Julia Finucane said...

Thank you for featuring me!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Very nice artwork, really enjoyed checking out her shop:):) Thank you.

Mayhem said...

Great Feature!

Mannie Vincent said...

Wonderful feature (: Her art is gorgeous!

Nyblaque said...

wow Julias art is amazing....your blog is beautiful itself...a great read...

thanks for sharing


Jenn said...

Terrific feature, her work really has amazing punch!