Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feature blog On LuLu Design

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1. How did you first hear about Etsy?

I learned about Etsy through reading magazines like Bitch and Bust.

2. Tell us a little about yourself and your favorite art medium.

I am 43 and have been an artist, creator and dreamer all my life. I grew up in Belleville, Ontario, Canada and received my BA in Art History and a 3 year Diploma in Graphic Design in Kingston, Ontario. I moved to Southern California when I was 27 years old and got married to my sailor-architect husband when I was 27 and we’re still happily married and living in our house, designed and built by my husband, single-handedly!
I chose silk painting as my main medium because there is absolutely nothing else like it! The intensity and vibrancy of the colors are amazing - I have created many paintings, kimonos and even earrings from silk!

3. How did you get started as an artist?

I started LuLu Design in 1993 after a re-birthing session (in California, where else?!!) during which I regressed to the newborn state, was re-birthed all over again and had an amazing revelation about my entire business plan, it was all spelled out for me in black and white! I was also just approaching my Saturn Return, (astrologically speaking) and was ready to get serious about my life and my career! Silk painting has been my main medium, during my time in Laguna Beach, CA - I discovered an amazing 2 month long art show in Laguna called The Sawdust Festival, a true artist’s haven, that had begun in the 60’s. I found a whole community of artists and a whole new way of life too. I had always been an artist and a dreamer, since a very young age but it wasn’t until I discovered my partner and a town that was incredibly conducive to making a real living as an artist, that things really took off for me!

4. What inspires you to create?

- living in nature
- my beautiful friends
- my 4 legged friends
- fashion
- dreams, fairy tales and magic
- other artists eg. Matisse, Bonnard, Chagall, Candy Jernigan, Erte, Monet, Edward Gorey

5. How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?

- tons of social networking online
- selling my work at art shows, to galleries and on my website
- talking to other artists at art studio tours, in forums, in art groups and starting groups in my community
- getting my writing and artwork published in blogs, newspapers, magazines, datebooks

6. Any advice you would give to aspiring artists?
If you really want it then just go for it and don’t give up!


Moosecorn said...

Great feature! I love reading about fellow Etsians...thanks so much for the introduction :D

Kathy Crabbe said...

Thanks Devin - nice work!

Mannie Vincent said...

Thanks for commenting my blog (:

Great post... This feature was FABULOUS!

<3 Mannie

esque said...

Very interesting interview! I love her vignette of how she got started!

Mayhem said...

Great Post! I love good feature interviews, and this is certainly one.

Jenn said...

Her work is really beautiful and I had never heard of this medium used in this way before. Great feature!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting interview.