Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Award

This award came from My Bestie Laura at Laura and Drew Plus 2!  Thanks Bestie for giving me this award. Here are my Seven Facts. Some may now this facts already but some of you may not.

1.  My Husband and I are trying to Adopt our First child

2.  I Love Waking up super early to Go to yard sales and Love to Antique shop

3.  I Love Baking!!! I would bake everyday all day if I could.

4.  I am a Disney Freak!!!! I love everything about Disney.

5.  My favorite Color is Green

6.  I Love taking day trips to try out  restaurants that have been featured on Diner, Drive in's,  and Dives.

7.  I am a huge Party Planner. I love having Family and Friends over for BBQ's and get togethers and go all out for it. I plan  months ahead a time for it.
I give this award to:

Hopscotch Dandelions
This is the Life
The Sartin's

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