Saturday, July 24, 2010

Office/ re organizing

Sorry it has been a long time. It been a little crazy around here working on adoption paper work, Re organizing my studio, working on orders, New items and so much more. A couple months ago my Husband I decided that we need to clean out a room for the Future baby. So we decided to share a office. It's alot smaller space then I had before. So I had to re organize and put alot things in storage. I never knew how much stuff I had until we started to move things over. Now that I am getting used to being in here. I decided the other day to reorganize. I got on Ikea's online store to see if I could find anything that would help re organize my space. I found tons of things online. When I went to try and find a store the closes one to us was Ohio. I really didn't want to make the drive. I went to my local craft supplies store to see what they may have to offer. At Joann's Craft store I bought my Craft desk , Which I love. So We decided to start there first. I went to the craft desk / sewing department to find this Beauty:

It was exactly what I wanted. I was so excited. It holds all my 12 x12 paper, all my card stock scraps and so much more. Here is my Finished reorganized studio. I am super happy with the finished product of what my half of the office looks like.]

P.s The Adorable Pom Poms hanging above my desk. I bought them from my best Friend Laura. she just opened a Etsy shop.The Pom Poms are VERY easy to fan and comes with detailed Fanning instruction and super easy to hang ( she make a wire loop so it is easy to thread your monofilament). Check out her shop:

More post soon I hope :0)