Sunday, May 30, 2010

Craft Talk ( Summer Kids Crafts)

Crafts talks from the month of you June until July will be about Kids Crafts. School is out and the kids are home all day every day. ( I dont have Children (yet)But have tons of Cousins). My family gets together alot for the Summer and there is about 20 little ones running around. I have picked out a The first summer craft to try on them the next get together we have.

What To Do:

1. Trim Your Plates: Start out by trimming both of your paper plates. You want to cut off the edge that rolls back down. This way when you tape the two halves together, there will be a nice clean edge. I carefully held my paper plates together, facing each other and then cut the excess off.

2. Cut Out Fins: Next I cut out my fins from an old box. You could play around with different designs, cutting them out and holding them up to your fish body. When you like one, tape it to the inside of one of your paper plates. I added 1 flipper and 2 fins.

3. Attach plates together: I attached both paper plates together using my hot glue gun but you could just as easily use tape or regular glue.

4. Color Your Fish: At this point you could draw eyes in and use color markers to make cool designs on your fish. You have a paper-plate fish! Now you can attach a piece of string to it and hang your fish from the ceiling. The most important thing is to experiment and try new ideas.

5. Finish Your Fish: Now this is where I spent some time: decorating my fish. First I tried running my tape stripes in different directions and decide on the vertical look. Then starting at the tail I carefully stuck a piece of blue masking tape down, leaving it long. I then stuck a piece on the opposite side and in the same location. Have fun with your fish!

Its Easy and( No paint). I love Kids projects that don't have paint. Keep Check back for more fun and easy kids crafts. Happy Crafting!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Etsy Picks of the day ( Lady Bugs)

This week in my shop. Lady bug Party items have been selling like Crazy. So in honor of the Lady bug Madness. I have went through etsy and picked my Favorite lady bug items.

Nature Inspired Children's Print - Ladybug

TRIPLE SUNFLOWER ON STAND WITH LADYBUGS for home decor, porch, Summer, Autumn and Fall decor

Tin Litho Wind Up Lady Bug

Personalized Coffee Mug - ADDICTED TO ETSY- Ladybug writer

Ladybugs are the best. Check out these shop for there adorable lady bug item.
Keep a watch out for the next Etsy pick of the day. You never know your item may be picked next.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cards for Sam Fundrasier

Expressions By Devin is Hosting a Fundraiser ( Cards for Sam)to help some Very Close friends of ours to raise money for Medical bills. There son Sam was diagnosis On April 13, 2010 with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Sam began Treatment on April 27, 2010, two days after Sam turned 5 months old. His treatment plan includes 6 rounds of chemo, surgeries, possible radiation, and two stem cell transplants.

All proceeds made on my Greeting Cards will be going to Sam to help with medical bills etc.
To read up on Sam and his Progress check out there blog:

Here is the link to the Cards ( More cards to come soon)