Sunday, November 27, 2011

Resting and Crafting

Hi Everyone,
I have been busy resting and taking easy while being on maternity leave. Even though my shop will not re open Until Feb. I have been busy working and creating a little bit for our grand re opening. I just can't stay out of my studio completely ( But I dont stay in there all day like I use too).
Before Expressions By Devin was doing Party Supplies I use to make Hand made greeting cards. I just love to Stamp. Well I decided to make some styles of Greeting cards and add them to my shop in Feb. Here is a Sneak Peek... Let me know what you think.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Decorations!!!

Hi Everyone,
I am so ready for Holiday Season to begin Next week. In our house we always put the tree up the night before Thanksgiving. I am ready for the Holiday Season to start Shopping , Baking and Decorating.
This year will be a little different around here with the baby due mid January and being 36 weeks the week of Christmas we have decided to just put up the tree. The less we put up the less we have to put away.. Just in case our Baby decides to make a  early appearance ( which we hope not but we are on the baby time so who knows)
I love Decorating the house and making it look festive.

Since this year I wont be decorating as much . I have decided to find some of my favorite Christmas decorations have found on etsy and share them with you.

I hope this post gets you in decorating mood. Keep checking back for more holiday post, holiday crafts etc

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Feature on Crocheting 4 Baby

Hi Everyone,
Today's blog feature is on a fellow etsy kids member.... Crocheting 4 Baby.
She make beautiful Crocheted items... Great gifts for all ages for the Holiday season.

1)How did you first hear about Etsy?: My cousin started selling on Etsy and sent me her shop link. After lots of time just browsing on Etsy I decided to open a shop. I had just had my daughter and loved crocheting all things baby!

2)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!: I am a mother to a 19 month old who is extremely active! I originally started my shop planning on crocheting blankets, but as my daughter started crawling, then walking, and now running, I decided to create things that are a little less time consuming. I am loving making spring beanies at the moment!

3)How did you get started as a designer? I have always been crafty thanks to my mom. When I had my daughter ideas just kept on pouring into my head and I love trying new things. I just purchased a Cricut machine which gives me more tools to create!

4)What inspires you to create?: My daughter for sure! I just love dressing her up and making things for her. She has pretty much one of everything that is in my shop.

5)How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?: I have a Facebook and a blog. My blog is more about being a parent than my Etsy shop, but I throw in an update every now and again.

6)Any advice you would give to aspiring designers?: Create what you love! I never feel like it is work to create! I absolutely love each design and item I make and I love creating custom orders. It is great to mix a buyers ideas with mine!
Make sure you check out her shop:


On Maternity Leave

Hi Everyone,
I have closed up my shop for Maternity Leave to prepare to Welcome our First baby due in January, and to take some time for some much needed rest.
I am still fulfilling and shipping out orders that have been purchased but will not be taking any more orders at this time.

I will definitely be available to answer any questions you might have.
Feel free to contact me anytime time.
... We will hopefully reopen in Feb 2012 with a new look, new stuff, and of course the new baby!

I am still going to blogging and Updating my facebook with sneak peaks of new themes that will be posted when I re open.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog Feature on Petite Tuques

Hi Everyone,
Happy November 1st. I can't believe it is November already. This year is zooming by. Today's feature is perfect to kick off November holiday season and the cool chilly weather. Today's Feature is on a Fellow Etsykids Member : Petite Tuques.
She make beautiful knitted items for your little one and all ages.

1) How did you first hear about Etsy?:
I heard about Etsy when I started searching for handmade shops to sell my products. I didn't open a shop right away, because I wanted a Canadian venue, since I live in Canada. After 6 months of being online, I wasn't as sucessful as I wanted to be, so I opened a shop on Etsy and have since made more sales.

2)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!:
I am a stay at home mom to two boys. I started to knit when I became pregnant. I was overwhelmed with all the creative ideas, and was really excited when I learned how to make my first sweater.

3) How did you get started as a designer?
After learning from patterns, it was easy to start making patterns of my own. I have a couple of resource books, so I am constantly looking through them for my next project.

4)What inspires you to create?:
From an early age, I wanted to make things. When I started knitting again in my adulthood, it just came together. When my boys were little, they inspired me to make cute little boy sweaters and hats/mittens sets. I like to figure things out, and knitting to me is like solving little puzzles. I'm always thinking about my next project, when I think of a baby, or see a cute baby picture on etsy.

5) How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?:
I use different social sites, like Facebook and Twitter. I joined a few Canadian Communities, like Follow Me I'm Canadian, and Canadians Moms. I also use The Mom Shoppe for advertising.

6) Any advice you would give to aspiring designers?:
Never give up. Blog regularly. Develop relationships with other people in your craft.
Make sure you check out her shop.