Sunday, August 23, 2009

Etsy Shopping Spree Review

A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend some of my pay pal money on myself. I posted a alchemy request up on etsy. I had several bids (47 to be exact) All wonderful items But one sellers shop caught my eye. I love hold made soap and beauty products. I decided that I had found what I was looking for at Kupcake naturals. I received my My 15 dollar gift basket in the mail yesterday. I got to use all the items today.Here is what I got in my basket.

The face soap is Awesome it is made out of Bentonite Clay. I have naturally oily skin. I have tried tons of face products, But Kupcake Natural has done the trick. My face hasn't been oily all day. I would recommend this product to everyone who has oily skin.

This soap is delightful and yummy.No other words to describe it. I love the smell of it and it leaves my skin silky smooth.

For some reason this picture and the picture of the lip balm are small sorry about that.

I LOVE the sugar scrub.After taking a shower this morning.4 hours later I can still smell the Pink daiquiri scent on my scent!!!

The best lip balm I have bought on etsy.I love how she puts in a melts small container that can fit in your pocket or in a small pouch in my purse and still can get it out easily.

As you have read in this blog I am very pleased with my purchase and Definitely will be back to buy from this seller again. I would recommend her shop to anyone who loves soap.

Check out her shop at

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Blog feature : State Fair theme

This weeks Feature is Close to my heart.This weeks Kentucky state Fair starts this week. I have been entering something every year since I was eight years old.It's a Family tradition. So this weeks theme is all about the fair.

Every week On Expressions By Devin There will be a Blog featuring 4 Amazing Etsy Artist and there items. Each week Will have a Different theme.

1.) Ferris Wheel Necklace

2.)Yummy Corn Dog Necklace

3.) Cotton Candy soap

4.)White Cow

Bonus Photo:
Here is a photo of my state fair entry.If you live in Kentucky make sure you check my Card.

Check back for updates on the State Fair and about my card.Thanks for reading have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekly Feature: Back to school Theme

1.)Backpack in pink and brown

2.)Turtle friend penical pouch

3.)Alexander Henry Pink Apples and Pears


Check back next week For a New theme.You never know One of your items may be featured :0)