Sunday, August 23, 2009

Etsy Shopping Spree Review

A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend some of my pay pal money on myself. I posted a alchemy request up on etsy. I had several bids (47 to be exact) All wonderful items But one sellers shop caught my eye. I love hold made soap and beauty products. I decided that I had found what I was looking for at Kupcake naturals. I received my My 15 dollar gift basket in the mail yesterday. I got to use all the items today.Here is what I got in my basket.

The face soap is Awesome it is made out of Bentonite Clay. I have naturally oily skin. I have tried tons of face products, But Kupcake Natural has done the trick. My face hasn't been oily all day. I would recommend this product to everyone who has oily skin.

This soap is delightful and yummy.No other words to describe it. I love the smell of it and it leaves my skin silky smooth.

For some reason this picture and the picture of the lip balm are small sorry about that.

I LOVE the sugar scrub.After taking a shower this morning.4 hours later I can still smell the Pink daiquiri scent on my scent!!!

The best lip balm I have bought on etsy.I love how she puts in a melts small container that can fit in your pocket or in a small pouch in my purse and still can get it out easily.

As you have read in this blog I am very pleased with my purchase and Definitely will be back to buy from this seller again. I would recommend her shop to anyone who loves soap.

Check out her shop at


Anonymous said...

Handmade soap, I love handmade soap. I used to buy from Lush, but my favourite Karma soap is being discontinued. I'll have a look at the seller you ordered from and see if I can find something.

Aloquin said...

Wow, that stuff looks wonderful. Even her labels are great! Off to check it out!!!

Jac-Ber Creations said...

I've just got into handmade soap, it's the best!
I find I shop more on etsy than I should :-) I love getting parcels!

QuiteNice said...

I wish I had smell-a-monitor. Just from the pictures you posted, I bet it smells great. Happy you found something for your skin type that works.


Cinderella Lollipop said...

That soap looks good enough to eat! I haven't tried handmade soaps yet, but I'll have to check it out.

Sandy--AKA Cinderella Lollipop

haddy2dogs said...

Shoot, now I want to buy some!

Megkip ♪ said...

That's a lot for 15 dollars! I might get me one :)
I love sugar scrubs!

Sheila B said...

Thanks for posting this, really makes me want to buy something from that shop! :)

BululuStudio said...

Congrats for the 150 sales...keep up the good work.