Friday, September 18, 2009

Etsy Finds !!!

This blog is about some recent Etsy finds I have found. I have been on a hunt looking for all Natural Vegan products. I have had to switch all of my bath and beauty cleaning and much more over Because of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have recently learned that switching over to all natural products ( no chemicals, Perfume, fragrance and anything plastic (PVC). Will help my symptoms in the long run. So the past couple of weeks have been crazy trying to find all what I need with out breaking the bank.

I have made some purchases from a couple shops on etsy. My first purchases where from Maylee's Garden. Maylee's Sales has wonderful variety of essential oil soaps and Landry soap. Her items are amazing. Plus I love that she is a local artist . I love supporting love supporting local artist. From now on all my soap and Landry soap need will be from Maylee's garden!!!
Here is what I purchased:

Tangerine and Clove soap

Spearmint and Citrus


Tangerine and Lime Landry Soap

My Second purchase was from CopperOrchid. Her shop is also amazing I posted a custom for a few items. She made exactly what i was looking for. Plus when the items Smell amazing. Here is what I purchased from her shop.

Fiji Dream bath salts

Chocolate Pom grated

Australian Lotus

Fiji Dream Lip balm

Moulin Rouge

I cant say enough about these shops.They are Amazing and I will be back to both shops to make more purchases.Check out Both of there shops. I have provided links to there shops Below.Thanks for reading!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Maylee's Garden
Etsy shop:
also check out Libby's Artfire shop. Search Maylees Garden. (for some reason I get her link up for her artfire shop)
Copper Orchid
Etsy shop


April said...

Cute stuff Devin! And great music on the blog, I just sat here forever listening! ;)

Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks so very much for pimpin my soap Devin!

Handmade in Israel said...
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Handmade in Israel said...

Okay... I'll check my spelling this time :)
That soap looks delicious... and your dog looks so cute! Happy blogging!