Monday, November 10, 2008

Feature blog on Bddesigns

1)How did you first hear about Etsy?: I was toying with the idea of buying a spot on a wedding website after being contacted at a show about doing so. It was SOOO expensive. So I talked with a friend that owns a local printing business (who was also contemplating joining this wedding website) and she said, you know what, why don't you check out and see if THAT site is right for you. It's less of an initial investment....and the rest is history!!!

2)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!:

My name is Christen Largent. I live west of Toledo, Ohio in the middle of nowhere called Monclova — it’s not a town, it’s a township. I am married to a wonderful man and this year we celebrated our 15th year of marriage!! I can’t believe it! I have 2 awesome kids - Meghan and Liam. I am a metalsmith...I make jewelry out of raw materials (sheet, wire and tubing) using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I’m a member of the Etsy Street Team ‘AJC’ (Art Jewelry Collective) and a newly formed team MSIA (Metalsmiths In Action) and my Etsy Shop is

3)How did you get started as a designer?:

I have always designed my family, if you can make it you don't buy it! We are a very handmade type of people! So from my youngest memory, I can recall making things with my grandma, planting flower beds with my mom (a lot of design goes into the creation of an eye-pleasing flower bed!!), etc.

From there it was cross stitch and scrapbooking/layout design and then wireworked jewelry and then finally metalsmithing...which began after much urging from my father (who did some metalsmithing in highschool) a few years ago!

4)What inspires you to create?:

Everything...I am WAY too observant. My brain is always going. I also have a very vivid photographic my brain is always taking "snapshots" and they get jumbled up there and come out if various forms in my work!

5)How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?: I do 4 major art shows per year and I hand out THOUSANDS of business cards during those shows! I am a firm believer in the power of an attractive, professional business card! I get a lot of local support of my Etsy store from handing out those business cards!

6)Any advice you would give to aspiring designers?: There is a certain amount of designing that you will naturally do for "sales"...things that you know will sell, but are very unfulfilling to create. That's fine...but be sure to take some time to create just for YOU...for what inspires you and gets you jumping out of bed in the morning in anticipation of what will happen that day!!

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