Friday, November 14, 2008

New to shop!!!

Tired of giving a gift card in the usual way in an envelope, or just handing it to someone? Here is something new and fun.
This ornament is made of heavy card stock and red and white polka dot designed paper.Ornament is sewn together.The gift card holder also features a pull top that slides the gift card in and out of the ornament.On the inside I have added a piece of two way tape so you can attach the gift card to it .To keep your gift card in place .
This is a unique, fun way to present a gift card!
The ornament measures at 51/2 inches tall
Keep checking back to my shop.To see more new and fun ways to give gift cards.
custom orders are welcome,if you need more than one holder contact me on etsy and I can help you by giving you a discount.

Link to my shop is on the right hand side on my blog click the dog card.


Jenn said...

SHUT UP! These are adorable!!! I hope you sell lots of them this holiday season :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Lovely, I like them a lot:)

ThreadBeaur said...

I can't believe how close the holidays are!!!

HoneyBearBeads said...

Just too cute!!!

Meekiyu said...

those are awesome.. great idea! Fabric always lasts a good long time... those two counters on top are making me nervous.. eep! Almost Thanksgiving.. double eep! it's almost Christmas... lolol

Nyblaque said...

beautiful creations..i like them alot

btw...TAG you're it!!